Road map of Survival Analysis posts

Hi All

I have been a bit busy recently and so this post has been both delayed and diminished. Now it presents only a list of the survival analysis topics that I intent to cover in the next few months.

  1. Kaplan Meier plots (estimating survival functions) with interval censored data.
    1. Cox proportional hazards
    2. Bayesian Parametric Approach
    3. Uniform Hazards
  2. Cox proportional hazards and MCMC
    1. Specifying prior distributions and verifying the common assumption of Gaussian uncertainty
    2. RJMCMC for model selection
  3.  Parametric Survival Analysis
  4. Frailty Models
  5. Event Dependent Censoring
  6. Multiple Events
  7. Competing risks

Points one and two I have actively been thinking about and working on. As is probably apparent from the lack of detail, points 3 through 7 are topics that I think sound interesting (i.e., know nothing about). They may (read are very likely to) change as I start writing.

A quick note on writing style of this blog. A friend of mine recently challenged me on the clarity and approach-ability of my writing. In writing there are two broad categories descriptions and reminders. The former is clearly better then the latter. This blog has been guilty of only giving reminders. However, it is my mission with the proposed posts on survival analysis to be squarely in the descriptions not reminders category of writing.

Finally I really am going to try to stick to a scheduled of 1 post ever two weeks that will mean that some posts will be shorter.

Tune in next time for hopefully a clear description of using the Cox Proportional hazards model to estimate survival curves.